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Residential Water Systems

Water softening is the reduction/removal of calcium and magnesium ions, which are the principal cause of hardness in water.   The hard water enters the water softener, and tiny beads in the resin bed attract the hard water minerals, removing them from the water. When the resin beads are full of hard water minerals, they are flushed and drained with a brine solution during “regeneration”. The brine is created with salt you add to the softener. Clean Water Guys Inc. features the most energy efficient water softeners, which use less salt and electricity than ever before.  And today, the amount of sodium released into a gallon of softened water very small, about as much as you get in 2 slices of wheat bread!  The benefits include brighter clothes, cleaner dishes, less detergent consumption and less water usage.   Your softener will protect your entire plumbing system and minimize scaling.

Hard water can contribute to a number of problems for your home water system and the overall health of your family. When you use softened water you can: – Use less energy to heat water year after year. – Wash clothes in cold soft water with half as much detergent as washing in untreated hard hot water.  – Use 50% less detergent in the dishwasher. – Prevent hard water scale from shortening the life of your appliances, restricting water flow in your plumbing, and staining your bathroom fixtures.

Clean Water Guys Inc. will test your water to determine the level of particles and “hardness”.  Most studies show that only 15% of the United States has naturally occurring soft water.  The remaining 85% gets to fight the battles of hard water. Omaha has some of the hardest water in the country.

Water can be treated or softened as soon as it enters your home, using many different methods.  We feature the best softeners in the industry, including those from 3M, with reserve capacity innovation.  The 3M Water Softener uses variable reserve logic to optimize regeneration cycles by evaluating past use.  This conserves water, salt, and energy, which saves you money. Clean Water Guys Inc. is here to offer you the best possible solution for your home softening needs.

Commercial Water Systems

There are many types of commercial water conditioning systems available today, and Clean Water Guys Inc. can help you decide which systems and methods will be best for your commercial needs.

Water quality is something that CAN impact the success of your business.  If you are in the restaurant or food service industry, clean dishes and great tasting water at each table is crucial to an enjoyable customer experience and gaining repeat customers!

Clean Water Guys Inc. will provide you with all the information you will need to make an educated decision about the water conditioning needs for your specific business type.